5 Best Spots for Shopping in Legian

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best spots for shopping in legian bali

Legian is a lively beach resort in Bali. Here, there are many small shops on the side of the road. They sell various local souvenirs and colorful clothes that are typical of the tropics. There are also good fashion boutiques along Legian Street. To start shopping in Legian, you can go to Jalan Melasti Intersection, where there is the Mertanadi Art Market.

This street is good to explore on foot. You can stop by various shops with different items and different prices. Most items don’t have fixed prices, so be prepared to bargain. Shopping is one of the best activities in Legian Bali that you should experience. Here are some of the best places for shopping in Legian.


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1. Legian Street

Legian Street is the main street in Legian, a popular beach area in Bali. Here, you will find many shops, bars, hotels and clubs. This road is long and connects Kuta and Seminyak.

There are several smaller alleys such as Poppies Lane (I and II) and Jalan Sahadewa (also known as ‘Garlic Lane’) that connect to the beach from this major road. On both sides of this road, there are sidewalks which make it a great place for daytime strolls or for those who like to go out at night after the sun goes down. Locals call it Jalan Raya Legian, while tourists often call it ‘Legian Town Center’.


2. Garlic Lane Shopping Street

Jalan Sahadewa, or Garlic Lane, is a small street that connects Jalan Padma and Jalan Melasti in Legian. Here, there are many small shops selling a variety of goods, from souvenirs to clothing. Some shops set reasonable fixed prices, while others are suitable for price negotiation when shopping in Bali.

You can walk into these shops, look around, and find the one that suits you best. Although the road is not that wide and there are motorbikes parked in some places, we recommend that you explore Sahadewa Street on foot.


3. Merta Nadi Art Market

Merta Nadi Art Market is one of the local art markets in Bali. Here, you can find a variety of items, from sunglasses, watches, t-shirts, to souvenir items that are great to take home. There are also arts and crafts from Bali as well as from other parts of Indonesia such as Javanese wayang golek and Borneo tribal wood carvings. Prices are usually unlabeled, so be sure to pay attention to the items you want to buy and don’t hesitate to bargain strongly.


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4. Kuta Beachwalk

Kuta Beachwalk is a big shopping center experience at the end of Kuta beach road, near Legian area. There are tons of shops, restaurants and other fun places with brands from overseas.

The difference with malls is that Beachwalk has a unique design and is open-air, so it’s not like a typical mall. They have a two-story underground parking lot that can fit a lot of cars, as it’s located on one of the busiest streets in Bali.


5. Bali Brasco

Bali Brasco is a cool shopping place in Bali that has tons of clothes and items for everyone: guys, girls, and kids too. They also have a spa and restaurant to complete your vacation. Although Bali already has a lot of great clothing stores, Bali Brasco is different because it has everything in one place.

People love Bali Brasco because the prices are affordable and the place is really cozy. The location is huge, near Sunset Road, so it’s easy to find. Here, you can relax from the hustle and bustle of sightseeing and shopping, away from the souvenir shops and art markets around the beach.

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