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Kuta Beach is one of the icons of tourism in Bali. Especially for international travelers, this white-sand beach is often at the top of the list to visit.

Kuta Beach is a 2.5km stretch of cream-colored sandy beach, bordered by Legian in the north and Tuban (home of Ngurah Rai International Airport) in the south. This beach on Bali’s southwest coast is one of Bali’s most popular resort areas. It is even more recognized among international visitors than the island itself – thanks to its combined features of sun, sand and waves.

Although it is considered as a mainstream tourist attraction, Kuta Beach Bali has always attracted tourists.

enjoying sunset view at kuta beach
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Here are some facts about Kuta Beach which make it even more desirable

1. A former trading port

The first facts about Kuta Beach is that the beach was a trading port. Before becoming a tourist center, this beautiful beach used to be a trading port. Many merchandise were traded here, ranging from natural products to Balinese art that would be sent outside Bali, even abroad. Reportedly, this port was active in the 19th century and claimed to be the largest trading center in Bali at that time.

2. Best Sunset Viewing Spot

Next facts about Kuta Beach is regarding the sunset view. Generally the sun sets in Bali around 6:18 pm. To see the sunset or sunrise you can choose a spot anywhere. This is the attraction of Kuta Beach because to see the sunset you don’t have to go all the way to the top of the cliff. The sinking sun with orange color will be clearly visible without any mountains or trees blocking it.

3. Giant Turtle

There are many things that make this beach so interesting, one of which is the turtle farming that has been going on for a long time. So on this beach there are many turtles with varying sizes, ranging from small to large. The cool thing is, every tourist can directly meet giant turtles and find out how to cultivate them. No less interesting, tourists can also take pictures with the turtles.

4. Very Long Coastline

Every beach tour certainly has its own coastline, so does Kuta. But, the coastline in Kuta is very long, exceeding the general coastline. Reportedly the coastline in Kuta reaches 2.5 kilometers. Then the stretch of coastline is very sloping and the shoreline is quite wide.

another unique facts about kuta bali beach
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5. A Beginner’s Surfing Paradise

With Rp 250,000, you can learn to surf with a professional instructor for two hours. In addition to the instructor, you will also get a loan of surf equipment, and a top wet suite. There are many surf operators to choose from along Kuta Beach. Generally, tourists who learn to surf are mostly from foreign tourists. Before learning directly with the instructor, participants will watch a show about the use of tools, techniques and also anticipate dangers. After finishing and changing clothes, then learn the surfing movements on the mainland of Kuta Beach.

6. Newly Crowded in the 70s

Last facts about Kuta Beach can be seen from its historical side. Historically, in 1936 there was a couple of artists from the United States who visited Kuta, they then realized the potential of this beach and finally built a bungalow. However, until the 1960s, Kuta beach could still be said to be not too crowded with visitors. It wasn’t until the following years that the beach became a favorite destination for backpackers.



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