9 Best Bali Tattoo Studios

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9 Best Bali Tattoo Studios

If you’re looking for the best Bali tattoo studios, you’ve come to the right place. Bali, with its stunning natural beauty and rich artistic culture, is home to a number of tattoo studios that offer high-quality services and stunning artwork.

Here, you will not only get a beautiful tattoo, but also an unforgettable experience. Let’s explore some of the best tattoo studios in Bali that are ready to help you realize your dream tattoo design.

the best tattoo studios in Bali
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Here are 9 of the best tattoo studios in Bali that are known for their talented artists and impressive work


1. Artful Ink Bali

Located in Seminyak, Artful Ink Bali is one of the most popular tattoo studios in Bali. The studio is known for its high standards of hygiene and talented tattoo artists who can work on a variety of tattoo styles, from traditional to realism.


2. Luxury Ink Bali

Luxury Ink Bali is a renowned Australian tattoo studio located in Seminyak. This tattoo studio specializes in portraits and intricate detailed work. Their gallery and portfolio showcase stunning works that could easily be mistaken for photographs. Whether you are looking for a large impressive tattoo or a small delicate design, Luxury Ink provides a comfortable and relaxing environment to fulfill all your tattooing needs.


3. Secret Arts Tattoo

Located in Kerobokan area away from the hustle and bustle, Secret Arts Tattoo studio offers a sanctuary for those seeking a more personal and customized tattoo experience. Upon entering the studio, you are greeted by a discreet entrance that hints at the creative haven within. The atmosphere is deliberately designed to foster a sense of privacy and exclusivity, so that you can fully immerse yourself in the transformative journey of getting tattooed. Specializing in portrait realism, surrealism, geometric, ornamental and dotwork tattoos, the talented tattoo artists of Secret Arts Tattoo are ready to design an awesome unique tattoo that adorns your body.


4. InkSatire Tattoo Studio Bali

Visit Tattoo Studio Bali if you’re thinking in getting a tattoo and you’re in the Kuta-Kerobokan area. Known as one of the best tattoo parlors in Bali, it has a staff of talented tattoo artists who employ supplies and inks of the highest caliber from across the world. Bali Tattoo Studio, also known as the “INKSATIRE” provides a contemporary, air-conditioned setting with Wi-Fi and air conditioning. InkSatire Bali Tattoo Studio adheres to high standards in tattoo design, using genuine Italian and Californian inks, hygienic, single-use equipment, and great hygiene methods. If you are staying in the Kuta, Legian, Seminyak area, you may schedule sessions with hotel transfers included for extra convenience. They provide a range of designs, from traditional to realism tattoo.


5. Golden Hours Tattoo

Golden Hours is a premier tattoo studio located in the heart of Canggu. It offers talented artists in a variety of styles for clients who want the best tattoos and artists. Located in the bustling tourism center of Canggu, close to Batu Bolong and Batu Mejan beaches. With decades of experience in the field of tattoo art, Golden Hours strives to give you an amazing tattoo experience and beautiful body artwork to carry for a lifetime.


6. Bloodline Tattoo Bali

Recognized as one of the best tattoo studios in Bali, Bloodline Tattoo which is located in Legian area, has quickly established itself as the only place that offers world-class tattoos by talented and often award-winning artists in every different style of tattoo. From Mandala to Portrait, to Chicano & Color tattoo, Bloodline Tattoo’s talented artists have the ability to turn your concept into reality.


7. Charlie Rose Tattoo

Promising international standard service at the best prices, Charlie Rose Tattoo is a modern and relaxed tattoo studio located in the heart of Canggu. The trendy studio, friendly staff, and high-quality products make it a comfortable environment to enjoy your tattoo experience. Whether you are a beginner or a tattoo pro, Charlie Rose is a reliable and impressive studio.


8. Tattoo Hut Bali

Another Australian-owned tattoo studio in Seminyak, Tattoo Hut is led by award-winning artists who can take a picture and replicate it perfectly onto the skin. A great studio for realistic and detailed work, if you’re looking to get a sleeve tattoo or a large piece, the quality and expertise at Tattoo Hut won’t disappoint. The studio provides a wide variety of tattoo styles, including black and grey tattoos, as well as colorful tattoos. Using high-quality imported products, state-of-the-art equipment and a steady hand of artists, you’re in the right place to get an epic tattoo.


9. Koloni Tattoo

Koloni Tattoo is one of the most cozy tattoo parlors in Bali. The bright and airy space keeps you relaxed throughout the process and the friendly staff ensure you have everything you need. Offering free consultations, you can drop by with your inspiration images and designs to talk through your ideas with one of the talented artists, creating a final design that you’re both happy with. In addition to creating amazing tattoos, the Colony also has a piercing service with some beautiful and secure jewelry.

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