Enjoying the Beauty of Sunset at Pererenan Beach Canggu

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Enjoying the Beauty of Sunset at Pererenan Beach Canggu

Enjoying the Beauty of Sunset at Pererenan Beach Canggu. Bali is known for its popular beach attractions, including Kuta Beach, Lovina Beach, Pandawa Beach and many more. These beaches are destinations for tourists, including Pererenan Beach which is located in Pererenan Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency, Bali, or more precisely adjacent to Echo Beach or Batu Mejan Beach Canggu.

Perhaps not many people know this Pererenan Beach, even though the scenery presents the natural beauty of a quiet and comfortable beach in the South Bali area. The sand of Pererenan Beach is brownish white and the beach surface is craggy.

One of the characteristics of Pererenan Beach is on the surface of the beach with beautiful corals leaving clear sea water so that it becomes a special beach attraction. Likewise, the boulders of coral that lead to the sea are used as a place to relax and take selfies.


pererenan beach attraction
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The Attraction of Pererenan Beach

The charm of the sea given by Pererenan Beach Bali also looks blue, suitable as a place to relax the family. The beach is also wide and used as a tourist attraction for horse riding. No wonder, if in this Pererenan Beach area many provide horses.

For visitors who like surfing, the waves at Pererenan Beach can be an option. Because of that, this place is indeed more dominated by visitors who love surfing sports and visitors who intend to stay in the Pererenan Village area.

On weekends, Pererenan Beach Canggu will be more crowded because the scenery is suitable as a tourist spot for children who like to play beach sand and sea water. However, for those of you who need a peaceful and more private atmosphere, Pererenan Beach is also suitable as a place for solo traveling.

Meanwhile, for visitors who like to sunbathe and want to enjoy the breeze, Pererenan Beach Canggu can be your favorite destination this time. Because at Pererenan Beach there is minimal shade and almost no shady trees on the shoreline or beach umbrellas for rent like in the Kuta Beach and Legian Beach areas.

However, for visitors who are worried about burnt skin, they can visit Pererenan Beach in the afternoon. At the same time enjoy the beautiful scenery at sunset time.

Well, another attraction of Pererenan Beach is the beautiful view given when the sun sets or sunset. This moment and at sunset time is the virtue of Pererenan Beach chosen by tourist visitors.

It is not uncommon for photographers to make this place a natural painting for amazing photo results.


12 Meter High Statue at Pererenan Beach
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12 Meter High Statue at Pererenan Beach

Although the name Pererenan Beach is not too famous and not too well remembered by tourists, the natural beauty of this Beach is truly amazing. Plus there is a statue built 12 meters high on a boulder of rock to be one of the other characteristics of the Pererenan Beach Canggu.

The beautiful statue is Gajah Mina ridden by the statue of Lord Baruna which symbolizes the ruler of the ocean. With the construction of the statue, the beach has a tourism icon that is also easy to remember.


pererenan beach access to the location in canggu
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Access to Pererenan Beach

For visitors who want to travel to Pererenan Beach, it will take about 22 km from Ngurah Rai Airport, while from the center of Denpasar City it is about 14 km using private vehicles, such as motorbikes or cars.

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