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Inspiring Traveling Tattoo Theme

The age of tattoo rituals may be almost as old as the age of human civilization on earth. The first recorded evidence of tattoos in the world dates back to 3000 BC. Tattoos have gone through many changes, from technique to style. From using shark teeth and human bones to now using needles and lasers.

Regardless, tattoos are now admired as art, character and trends. Tattoos are no longer just accessories for thugs to look fierce, tattoos are also owned by women. The designs are diverse, including inspiring traveling tattoo theme, such as the following:

inspiring map of the world tattoo theme
Credit: Vendler Tattoo

Some Inspiring Traveling Tattoo Theme

Map of the world
Although conventional maps have now been taken over by digital maps, they still inspire people to travel. These tattoos are a bit complicated, but by finding the right studio and artist, the map tattoos are quite eye-catching.

A compass is an adventurer’s basic tool. Be it in a digital or conventional platform, compasses or directions also look sexy when featured in the form of tattoo art.

Passport stamp
There is a sense of pride when you can show a passport page that is full of immigration and visa stamps. Likewise, if it is realized in the form of a tattoo. At least people will understand that the owner of this tattoo is a travel addict.

Travel destinations
Not only popular on social media, tourist destinations can also be immortalized in the form of tattoos. Of course, this is challenging because tourist destinations are very diverse, such as waterfalls, iconic buildings, mountains to entertainment venues.

airplane as inspiring travelling tattoo theme
Credit: traveletc.id

Airplanes are often used as a traveling icon. Indeed, transportation is not only airplanes, but this one is synonymous with long distances between countries and continents. So there is a strong sense of adventure attached to this image.

Self Description
There’s no more exciting way to describe yourself than with a tattoo. Whether you’re a foodie, a traveler, a photographer, a blogger or anything that gives passion to the context of traveling, it seems like it would be interesting to translate it into a tattoo.

self description as a traveller
Credit: traveletc.id

Travel quotes
When you’re not in the mood to travel, sometimes it takes a little push to get you back in the mood. One of them is with inspiring quotes. And it’s even better if the quotes are attached to your body to keep your spirits up.

Places you’ve visited
There are many ways to create memories of places you’ve visited. The most common is usually by putting a check mark on the map. But it will be more interesting if it is realized in the form of a tattoo.


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