Things to Know When Exploring Berawa Tattoo Studio in Bali

For many foreign travelers from Western countries in Indonesia, Bali is one of the most popular and affordable tourist spots. Many tourist attractions have been built to accommodate their vacation needs in Bali, making them feel comfortable, much like in their own home countries, while experiencing the richness of Balinese culture. Everything from fusion restaurants to Berawa tattoo studio is easy for travelers to find, including Ink Satire Private Tattoo Studio, one of Bali’s finest tattoo studios around.

Along the coast to the south of the island of Bali, Berawa in the Canggu area is one of the reference points f or foreign travelers in Bali. Located about 30 minutes from Seminyak’s famous cafes and restaurants, Berawa is famous as a surfing spot for avid surfers and a sightseeing spot for casual travelers who just want to admire the beauty of Berawa beach.

In this case, it’s a good idea to get a new tattoo while on vacation in Berawa. There is no doubt about the quality of local Balinese handicrafts, but tattoos can also be counted as souvenirs that are relatively permanent and will not quickly disappear. Moreover, because Berawa is in the Canggu area, you will have no trouble finding a Berawa tattoo studio that offers a variety of tattoo designs, from realistic tattoo designs to Japanese oriental tattoo designs.

But, what do you need to know before getting your realism tattoo Bali in Berawa? Without further ado, let’s read the discussion below!


Get Inked in Berawa Tattoo Studio
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Get Inked in Berawa Tattoo Studio

Located in the Canggu area, Berawa has absolutely no shortage of interesting places that domestic and foreign travelers can visit while on vacation in Bali. This also includes tattoo parlors, which can be easily found in the Berawa area.

However, in this article, it is the realism tattoo design that we will suggest for all of you. What is realism design? Basically, this is a tattoo design where the tattoo has a visual appearance that looks very similar (or perfectly similar, if the artist is good enough) to a location’s scenery, object, or person’s face.

Because the ability to make realistic tattoos is very important so that the results are good and safe, tattoo artists who can make this tattoo style are often viewed with high regard.

Judging from how realistic tattoos look so real that it seems like the authentic appearance of the object or person, the demand for tattoo artists who can draw tattoos of this style is also increasing.

Take a look at the big streets in Berawa that lead to downtown Canggu. Every now and then, you can find a Bali tattoo studio that can offer a variety of tattoo styles that you want. If you go to one of them, chances are that the studio also provides realistic tattoo styles that you can try to add to your collection or as your first tattoo.

Styles of Realism Tattoos

In Berawa, various Berawa tattoo studios there offer a variety of realistic tattoos that can be made for customers. In general, you can get realistic tattoos ranging from the appearance of animals and plants to a person’s appearance.

In Berawa, various tattoo studios there offer a variety of realism tattoo designs that can be made for customers. In general, you can get realistic tattoos ranging from the appearance of animals and plants to a person’s appearance.

To get a realistic tattoo, it usually takes 4-7 hours alone to complete. Sometimes, there won’t be enough sessions in a day, so you may be asked to come to the studio again the next day. The reason for this long time is that it took the artist extra time to make the tattoo look as real and as good as possible.

The Tattoos’ Hygiene Standards

Finding a tattoo studio in Berawa is easy, but that doesn’t mean you can just go to one of them without a second thought. Although you can easily find a tattoo parlor that promises cheap tattoos that can be drawn quickly, the risk that must be borne is far greater than going to a tattoo studio that costs a little more, but with a more hygienic and safe service.

So, in order to know that the tattoo studio that we will visit is guaranteed to be clean, try to follow some of these tips:

  • Free of dirt and dust

Look carefully if the tattoo inking equipment owned by the tattoo studio is covered with dust and other dirt before use. This may take a little time, but if it turns out that the equipment looks dirty, leave the parlor immediately without looking back.

  • Always uses new needles

Reusable goods usually indicate that the goods can last a long time and can be used repeatedly. Not so with tattoo needles. Tattoo needles that have been used may still contain blood from the person who was tattooed with the needle before. The blood may contain diseases such as hepatitis and HIV.

Therefore, now various tattoo studios in Bali are competing to follow the standards of cleanliness of inking tattoos which has been used for a long time in the US and Western Europe. By adhering to these tattoo hygiene standards, the credibility of these parlors are increased and can attract the attention of foreign travelers who are looking for a new tattoo that is safe and clean.

Things to Do Before Get Inked

Now, the question is, can you get a realistic tattoo at a Berawa tattoo studio?

The answer: yes!

For that, consider the following discussion before you get a new tattoo when visiting Berawa:

  • Realistic tattoo prices in Berawa can range from $500 per tattoo to $1500. This price also depends on the pricing in each tattoo studio, so pay attention to which one suits your financial capabilities.
  • See if the studios there accept walk-in customers or not. If not, try to reserve one of them ahead of time so you can get a new tattoo right away.
  • Explain the tattoo you want to have in as much detail as possible to the artist you want! If explained in detail beforehand, the artist can prepare the design you want and can be more thorough in making your new tattoo.


Although there are many Berawa tattoo studio that you can visit, doing some research first can make your new tattoo experience even more beautiful. Come to a Bali tattoo studio in Berawa for your new realism tattoo design!