Since Bali is also known for its massive tattoo studios, you might find one Sanur tattoo studio here. If that is what you want, then there are plenty of places to check out while you are in Sanur. Visiting Sanur, a seaside town in the southeast of Bali, offers you various entertainment. The long stretch of beach with shallow waters offers child-friendly environment. Many families might prefer hanging out here. There are also plenty of galleries and nice restaurants worth a visit.You can also go diving or for a walk on the promenade. 

Known for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and laid-back atmosphere, Sanur is a popular destination for travelers looking for a relaxing and peaceful vacation.

Sanur is home to several stunning beaches, the most popular of which is Sanur Beach. The beach is a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying water sports like kiteboarding, windsurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

The beach is lined with restaurants, cafes, and bars, and there are plenty of opportunities to rent sun loungers and umbrellas. Other beaches in the area include Segara Beach, Mertasari Beach and Karang Beach.

Sanur offers plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained. One of the most popular activities is cycling along the Sanur beach promenade, which stretches for several kilometers and offers stunning views of the ocean.

Another popular activity is taking a boat tour to nearby islands like Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. For those who want to have a tattoo while vacationing in Sanur, there are some great tattoo studios to visit. One of them is the Ink Satire Private Tattoo Studio. Although its location is not exactly in Sanur but it is quite near Sanur area.


nearest sanur tattoo studio you can visit


  • First Things First About Getting A Tattoo In Sanur Bali

If this is your first tattoo experience, there are things you need to consider first before going to any Bali tattoo studio. Do your research. It is nice to find the closest place to get your very first tattoo. However, make sure that the place is clean and the staff are professional and helpful.

The next thing to consider is the tattoo design that you want. If you have already come up with your own design, then that is a good thing. Yes, they usually have a lot of tattoo design samples for you to consider. If they are open for you to get a free consultation, then that is even better.

Remember, if you choose a henna tattoo, that can still be erased after two or three weeks. If it is a permanent tattoo, you might want to carefully consider your options. Getting it erased just because you feel bored might feel more painful than getting in on.

  • What Is A Greywash Tattoo Design?

For example: you would like to get a greywash tattoo design. The dark (or black) ink can usually be made to look faded, depending on the drawing that you want on you. Plus, the tattoo artist may have some suggestions for you on where to put your tattoo. 

The good thing about this type of tattoo is its cost effectiveness. A greywash tattoo is made by getting a variety of shades without having to purchase expensive bottles. One of the methods for this is very simple:

  • Place several cups of ink before you on a sterile surface.
  • Add a drop of black ink into each cup, but in different portions. For example: the first cup gets a drop, the second gets two drops, the third one gets three, and so on.
  • Fill the rest of each cap with distilled water. Mix it with each cup by using a toothpick.

These methods give you different shades to work on your greywash tattoo Bali. However, let’s not stop there. Do not forget to have one cup of undiluted black ink ready. This one works for lining the tattoo. To start on the greywash tattoo with all the materials ready, here is what you can do:

  • Set your tattoo machine at a low setting for a start.
  • Slowly work your way up – both in voltage and skin coverage.

The idea for this strategy is to get a feel for how the new shades will work and turn up. Once you can see the satisfying result, you can go full force into the tattoo.

It takes a real pro to work on the great-looking greywash tattoo design. The shading level is important. Without these different levels of shade, once the tattoo fades away in time, it may look blotchy.

A greywash tattoo usually takes about three to four weeks to recover and heal. The lighter part of greys should be the highlights of the tattoo or on a clear part of the skin (that has not been crafted with tattoos yet.)

In the meantime, try not to touch or poke at your tattoo. Let the outer layer of skin over your tattoo just peels by itself. No worries, once the outer layer peels off, your tattoo will not fade away. They will look brighter.

If you have any skin allergies, you might want to reconsider getting a tattoo. If your tattoo feels itchy after it is finished, do not scratch it. Blow it gently.

  • How To Keep Your Tattoos From Fading Away Too Soon

While you are in one of the Sanur tattoo studio to get yours done, you are free to ask the professional tattoo artists any questions. It is important to know some tips on how to keep your tattoos from fading away. (Yes, they do fade away -–especially the greywash ones.)

Whether it is a henna or permanent tattoo, they all fade away with time. It also depends on the quality of the ink. If the ink is of poor quality, then it will turn green before fading away with time. Make sure that the tattoo studio of your choice has good quality ink.

  • The International Hygiene Standard for Working On Tattoos

Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic (which began in 2020), many tattoo studios have taken this matter more seriously. For starters, all tattoo artists must wear masks and gloves during work. They must also wash their hands before and after work.

The utensils used must also be clean. Professional tattoo artists Sanur tattoo studio do not just sit down to work on tattoos. Before that, they must be open for a free consultation. Not only about the tattoo design and how to care afterwards, they must also know certain things about the clients that might affect their health regarding having tattoos. For example: skin allergies.

Last but not least, professional tattoo artists should listen to you and give you sounding advice about your tattoos. They must also know how to make first-time clients feel comfortable, since the sight of the needle might make some people feel uneasy. From areas around Jalan Danau Tamblingan to Jalan Pantai Sindhu, you can check out the best tattoo studios in Sanur.

So, are you ready to get your first tattoo while you are in Sanur? Hopefully, the Sanur tattoo studio that you choose in Bali will cater to your every need. Not only that, hopefully they will give you a pleasant, first tattoo experience. From there, you know what to do next. You can come to any tattoo studios here for more tattoos.