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canggu at glance

Canggu at glance. Canggu is a very beautiful and interesting area to visit during your vacation in Bali but you should have a motorbike if you decide to stay here for some time. In Canggu, you can’t walk around like in Seminyak or Kuta because the distances in Canggu are too far to walk, so it is highly recommended to rent a motorbike or use online transportation if you want to walk around the Canggu area. There are plenty of good lunch spots and good beach clubs to visit and the whole atmosphere here is very relaxed, something you should feel and enjoy while on vacation.

Canggu at Glance

1. Surfing in Canggu

Canggu is a very popular surfing destination in Bali, especially for those who like the hipster life. Besides good waves, Canggu also offers a relaxed atmosphere with trendy cafes and interesting hangouts. The surf spots in Canggu are suitable for surfers of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. Not only surfing, you can also enjoy delicious food and lively nightlife in Canggu. If you are going to Bali for surfing, this is the place to be, without a doubt! The beaches here have the most excellent waves for surfing, but don’t worry, if you can’t surf, you can still relax on the beach while enjoying the sunset view.

beach club in canggu for party
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2. Some of the Beach Clubs in Canggu that are worth visiting 

  • The Lawn for sunset
  • La Brisa for sunset
  • La Laguna for sunset
  • Finn Beach Club for daytime sunbathing
  • Aston Beach Club
  • Old Man Canggu

If you are interested in beach clubs, we have listed some popular and worth visiting in Canggu. La Brisa seems to be one of the best beach clubs in Canggu and the best place to enjoy the sunset.

This place almost feels like boarding a ship to an unknown land. Imagine: wooden planks, bean bag cushions, fishing nets and lots of lights hanging everywhere, a cool breeze right by the beach with a very pleasant atmosphere around you! The comfort factor is very high here and always crowded.

Similarly, The Lawn is a very popular beach club and one of the must-visits on your vacation in Canggu! Right opposite the Old Man restaurant, you’ll find Finn’s Beach Club which looks huge from a distance with its bamboo poles and sizable pool area. You can enjoy the view of the beach while enjoying the music just like at a nightclub.


3. Breakfast Places in Canggu

Crate Cafe – This cafe serves the best breakfast in Bali and is a popular breakfast spot in Canggu. Here you can expect to meet famous surfers, Instagram models and local and foreign celebrities. Prices are quite reasonable and you can enjoy a full breakfast menu here!

Milk & Madu – If you want the best avocado sandwich in Bali, this is the breakfast place you should visit. Located in the Berawa area of Canggu.

Peloton Supershop – This is a popular cafe for those who are vegan. You will love this place!


4. Night Restaurants in Canggu

Canggu has become very popular in recent years, so new and unique places are constantly opening! In terms of night restaurants, you’ll find everything from Mexican food to sushi, pizza and poke bowl.

Mason Restaurant – A newly opened Australian restaurant that is a must-visit for meat lovers!

TYGR Sushi – For those who love sushi, this is the must-visit restaurant in Canggu. It has a cozy decor and the best sushi in Canggu!

Fishbone Local – Just a 5-minute walk from The Lawn beach club, you’ll find a cozy fish restaurant in Canggu with everything from poke bowls to fish and chips.

Mai Tai – Speaking of pok bowls, you should go to Mai Tai restaurant in Canggu if you love this type of food. You will love this place!

Two Fingers – One of the best Mexican restaurants in Canggu is called Two Fingers and it serves really good Mexican food. Their avocado stir-fry and tacos are the best you can eat in Bali!

ride motorbike in canggu area
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5. Having A Tattoo in Canggu While on Vacation in Bali

There are so many tattoo studios in Canggu and its surroundings, and one of them is Ink Satire Tattoo Studio Bali which is located in the district of Kerobokan Kelod and very close to the Canggu area.

The studio has professional and talented local tattoo artists if you want to get a tattoo while on vacation in Bali.

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