Understanding the Surrealism Tattoo Style

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Understanding the Surrealism Tattoo Style

Surrealism tattoo style is a form of body art that incorporates fantastic, unrealistic and imaginative elements to create stunning and meaningful works. This tattoo style was inspired by the surrealism art movement that flourished in the early 20th century, which emphasized the exploration of the subconscious and dreams. By utilizing elements such as floating objects, distortions of space and time and unusual combinations of elements, surreal tattoos are able to transport the wearer and viewer into a completely different world, provoking deep reflection and interpretation.

This style is perfect for those who want to express their individuality and imagination in a unique and artistic way. If you’re considering a surrealism tattoo style, there are few things to know:


History of Surrealism

Surrealism first emerged in the early 20th century as an avant-garde art movement. It is rooted in the ideas of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis and emphasizes the exploration of the subconscious. Surrealist artists such as Salvador Dalí and René Magritte are famous for their works that challenge perception and incorporate unorthodox elements in inspiring ways. These principles also influenced the world of tattoo art, where tattoo artists began to explore the potential of this genre.


Characteristics of Surrealism Tattoo style


Characteristics of Surrealism Tattoos

Surrealism tattoos often incorporate elements that are strange and unexpected. Some characteristics often found in tattoos of this style include:

  • Contrasting Combinations: Usually unrelated images are combined to create a surprising and provocative effect.
  • Shape Transformation: Recognizable shapes can be transformed or combined in unusual ways, creating strange and interesting new images.
  • Use of Color: Surrealism tattoos often use contrasting and bright colors to accentuate the elements in the image.
  • Expression of Imagination: Surrealism tattoo art relies heavily on the imagination of the artist and client, creating a unique and personalized piece.
  • Narrative Story: Some surrealism tattoos tell a specific story or theme, albeit in an indirect and often thought-provoking way.


Choosing a Surrealism Tattoo

Choosing a surrealism tattoo is a decision that requires deep thought. Here are some things to consider before getting a tattoo in this style:

  • Find the Right Artist: A tattoo artist experienced in the surrealism style is essential to ensure satisfactory results. Take a look at their portfolio to ensure their style and techniques match your expectations.
  • Consult with the Artist: Talk through your ideas with the tattoo artist and receive their feedback. An experienced artist can help you develop a concept that matches your vision.
  • Consider the Tattoo Location: Choose a tattoo location that suits your desired design. Some designs may look better on certain parts of the body.
  • Keep the Design Private: A surrealism tattoo is an opportunity to express yourself uniquely. Make sure the design you choose reflects your own personality and story.


Surrealism Tattoo Style Trend


Surrealism Tattoo Style Trend

In recent years, surrealism tattoos have seen a rise in popularity. Tattoo artists around the world continue to explore the boundaries of this style, producing works that are increasingly innovative and challenging. Some of the emerging trends in surrealism tattoos include:

  • Use of Delicate Techniques: Tattoo artists are increasingly using subtle techniques and details to create more intricate and delicate surrealism tattoos.
  • Combination with Other Styles: Some artists are combining elements of surrealism with other styles such as realism or impressionism to create more complex pieces.
  • Use of Symbolism: Surrealism tattoos often involve deep symbolism, allowing clients to express powerful meanings and emotions.


Surrealism tattoos are an attractive option for those who want to express their imagination and creativity through body art. With the right artist and a well-thought-out design, surrealism tattoos can be a beautiful way to express yourself and tell a unique story. Regardless of the emerging trend, the essence of surrealism tattoos remains in the creation of thought-provoking pieces that challenge our perception of the world.

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