Beautiful Scenery of Campuhan Hill Ubud

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Beautiful Scenery of Campuhan Hill Ubud

Ubud always presents unique natural tourist destinations such as Campuhan Hill Ubud which offers views of green grass. This place has a light tracking path on the hill with green scenery on the right and left sides.

While in the Bukit Campuhan Ubud area you will feel a calm atmosphere, cool air, cool and beautiful scenery that makes the eyes fresher. This area of the Ubud area can be an alternative for safe traveling without the interference of cars and motorbikes.

There are several interesting things about this natural tourist destination in Ubud, besides taking selfies. The path that is still a footpath makes car vehicles unable to enter the hill area. Visitors can only park the car outside.

jogging track of campuhan hill ubud
Credit: hargatiket.net

Getting to Know Beautiful Scenery of Campuhan Hill Ubud

Campuhan Hill is a light sports tracking path such as jogging and riding a bicycle at the top of the hill. It has a natural view of the mountains that are still beautiful, filled with lots of grass on the right and left sides of the trekking path.

Another term for hiking trails with paths in the middle of lush green forests, valleys and rivers. Tourists can freely hike, jog, walk, bike without the disturbance of cars or noise from vehicles.

Many tourists jog from early morning until sunrise. In addition, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of nature and terraced rice fields across the river that spoil the eyes. Moreover, visit the Campuhan Hill to see the arrival of sunrise or sunset.

Not only walking and jogging, tourists can climb Campuhan Hill Ubud by riding a bicycle. There are many bicycle rentals in several locations in Ubud. Many inns rent out bicycles for use throughout the day.

The ideal time to visit Campuhan Hill in the morning before 8. Because if you come at 10 and above there is already starting to heat. If you want to enjoy the sunset come in the afternoon while enjoying the green landscape of Ubud.

sunrise at campuhan hill ubud
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  • Facilities at Campuhan Hill

Campuhan Hill is one of the famous hills in the Ubud area. Visitors will be treated to views of rice fields and coconut trees, weeds on both sides. The jogging track has a length of about 12 km, suitable for those looking for a sports location with an amazingly beautiful natural view.

There are stalls and shops selling souvenirs with relative prices depending on what you bargain for. Right at the end of the road there are many cafes, good places and cheap prices. This hill tour also provides a large vehicle parking lot, toilets, gazebos and bicycle rentals.

Campuhan Hill tour is free of charge. There is also a swing here with a ticket price of 50,000 per person. This area is not far from the hotel where you stay, suitable for morning or afternoon exercise while enjoying the green natural scenery.

This hill is arguably a cool place with a good view suitable as a very instagrammable photo background. However, the photo spots are only in a few, taking the best pictures of Campuhan Hill Ubud using a drone. The results of this photo show clearly all sides in the hill area, including the tracking path. Visiting Campuhan Hill is one of the recommended thing to do in Ubud, Bali.

location of campuhan hill ubud bali
Credit: travel.okezone.com
  • Location of Campuhan Hill

Located on Bangkiang Sidem Street, Kelusa, Gianyar Regency, Bali. Road access to this hill tour is quite easy and not far from the Monkey Forest Ubud. Only 5 minutes from Ubud, 20 minutes from Gianyar.

You can search Warwick Ibah Luxury Villa on Google Map, then enter directly to the left, the vehicle can be parked next to SMK Putra Bangsa Ubud. There is a bridge near Pura Agung Lebah, take the right, just follow that road and you will get to the Campuhan Hill.

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